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A Lion And A Guy

Written by: PP on 29/12/2011 01:09:49

Despite the prolonged success of seminal punk rockers The Bouncing Souls, few bands have actually managed to clone their sound given the unique singing style of Greg Attonito. But here's one band that does: The Jukebox Romantics from Long Island, New York. Their sophomore album "A Lion And A Guy" is basically a rehash of the early to mid 90s records by the Souls, if not note-by-note then at least pretty darn close. And it isn't a bad record because of that, quite the contrary.

Just like Attonito, the vocalist of The Jukebox Romantics sings in a laid-back, playful manner that's influenced by ska bands to certain extent. Songs like "An Assembly Of Likeminded Inviduals"or "The Power Of The Dollar (Baby)" basically copy directly from the arsenal of The Bouncing Souls in their vocal lines, emitting that energetic, yet relaxed and summery vibe without sounding polished or overtly poppy in the process. The guitars and production are slightly rawer and more unpolished than the Souls, but you can't escape the comparison between the bands because of the vocal lines. But the band benefits from the fact that there simply aren't very many bands sounding just like the Souls, so even though they sound like a derivative band, they don't do so annoyingly like is the case with the dozens of post-hardcore bands who try to copy Saosin/Circa Survive in masses.

It also means, however, that The Jukebox Romantics are placed in direct contrast with their inspiration. And in that sense, they do well, but I'd be lying if I wouldn't pop on "Maniacal Laughter" instead of this record given the choice. Then again, that doesn't mean the songs here aren't good. In fact, the band has done surprisingly well considering their non-existent production values and obvious imitation. What counts is the songs and how catchy they are, and in that department Jukebox are doing just fine, even if they won't be turning a ton of heads anytime soon.


Download: The Power Of The Dollar (baby), An Assembly Of Likeminded Individuals
For the fans of: The Bouncing Souls, Face To Face, The Loved Ones
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Release date 03.05.2011
Altercation Records

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