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Bring out your karate moves, kids, because Creations are about to shatter the floor a new arsehole about the size of a dozen hardcore dancing retards with their new album "The Gospel". In the league of pseudo-brutal open chord chugging, Creations is second to none, not even the mighty masters of unesthetic brutality that is The Acacia Strain or the endless breakdowns of Impending Doom. In fact, put the two together, and you have "The Gospel" pretty much.

So we're talking deathcore of the older style back when the term was more clear, just after it had separated from metalcore with its crawling tempo and songs consisting of virtually a single riff down-tuned and repeated to oblivion for the maximum karate effect live. Musically, indeed, Creations have literally nothing to offer for anyone but the most heavy-strived of scene worshippers whose despise for the art of a riff is only overshadowed by the face-palm effect they'll have when they look back at their favorite bands in five year's time.

However, Creations rescue this abomination of music from absolute disaster through breathtakingly good lyricism. They are an intensely Christian band, with biblical references pasted all over the place, whether in the form of allusions or direct scripture, but even a devout (:D) atheist like the undersigned has to appreciate the passion and drive on display here. Consider this passage from "The Wolf, The Clothes":

Would you be satisfied in heaven / without the One who saved you? / I pray God have mercy on your soul / Why do you treat the cross like a prostitute? / And purvey a false gospel? / You will gain the world but lose your soul / You're not a Christian / You're nothing close

These guys aren't just Christian. They are ultra-Christian. Their glass isn't just spilling over from preachy Christian lyricism, it's a freaking flood. But where preachy lyrics normally come across as close-minded, here the band members' conviction in their faith is so unwaveringly strong that one has to respect their beliefs no matter how unfounded they might be on reality. And they don't take no for an answer, as the lyrics from "The Rich, The Poor" will tell you:

You say that you are rich you have prospered and there is nothing that you need.

But you are wretched blind and naked! Everything you have can be taken away! In an instant. You sit in God’s hands whether you like it or not. So repent hell-deserving wretch, repent. [...] You will be drained hanging upside down. Your gold will spill like blood. Instead of perfume there will be rottenness. The stench of your corpse will please the Lord

Scary stuff. In this context, the open-ended chugging adds dramatic effect to really highlight the lyrics and the message, usually perfectly placed right after a strong line that the band considers important. It almost feels like each brutally delivered breakdown is the wrath of God landing on the listener as a result of a gospel being preached to the infidels.

So if you are a devout Christian, "The Gospel" makes other Christian metalcore / hardcore / deathcore bands sound only mildly religious in comparison. The level of preach here easily leaves behind any Christian band you can name. And even as a non-believer, their intense faith deserves some respect, even if musically Creations are to be mopped underneath the carpet alongside many of their like-minded bands who never learned more than a single chord during their career.


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Release date 30.08.2011
Rite Of Passage / Mediaskare

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