Engraved Disillusion

Embers Of Existence

Written by: PP on 26/12/2011 01:24:35

Hailing from Taunton, Somerset, UK, Engraved Disillusion are a different kind of band to your typical British metal unit. Usually you encounter bands playing one of the trendy genres (metalcore, deathcore, etc) or extreme metal, but rarely melodeath bands inspired by the works of At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity, Norther, Insomnium and other Scandinavian bands. Their debut album "Embers Of Existence", just like their EP "Desolate" from two years ago, is a record that hopes to remedy that fact by being essentially a carbon copy of a hypothetical band comprising the sounds from all those bands and many others playing the style that originated from Gothenburg, Sweden.

In technical and melody terms, Engraved Disillusion know exactly what they are doing. We have the classic Gothenburg-style lead riffs that scale up and down adding a layer of melody to a heavy base sound, and a growling vocalist whose style is somewhere between Dark Tranquillity's catchy shrieks and the throaty growls of At The Gates. Unfortunately, given this is a self-financed effort, the production is what it is, and leaves a worse impression behind of the band than should otherwise be the case. The songs could be way better with good production, right now it leaves the instruments sounding a little space-y and loose, but more importantly, lacking the polish required to properly imprint their scaling Gothenburg melodies into the mind of the listener.

In terms of songwriting, there are plenty of examples that Engraved Disillusion know what they're doing. They're simply hindered by the production, because no amount of great playing is going to save a record when it doesn't sound like the way it should. There is a difference between a 'raw' sound and one that needs work, and in this case, the bell is swinging towards the wrong end.

Download: As Life Fades, Disengage
For the fans of: At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity, Norther, Insomnium
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Release date June 2011

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