Death Is Not Glamorous

Spring Forward

Written by: PP on 26/12/2011 00:52:51

If there ever was a better example of location dictating your chances of success, it is the Oslo, Norway based Death Is Not Glamorous. Their "Jersey's Best Dancers"-era Lifetime-inspired melodic hardcore punk is in places far more catchy than the usual suspects in Lifetime imitation, Shook Ones and Dolarhyde, so should they be based in, I don't know, New Jersey, they'd have international recognition by now and play to audiences in their thousands at their best shows.

It's not just that songs like "Invincible Summer", "Spring Forward" and "Three Swords" are infectiously catchy. They also display urgency and explosive vocal work on a level seldom found with bands in any genre. Their vocalist exhibits the kind of screamed style that sounds like it's throwing itself over the barrier every line, packing intensity and aggression within it equally as much as roughened melody and character. Together with hardcore punk riffs, vibrant and thumping bass lines, and d-beat drums, Death Is Not Glamorous continue to deliver melodic hardcore of international class on their newest album "Spring Forward", certainly not an inch worse than that by, say, Dolarhyde, and yet they do not get the recognition they deserve. Since they are based in Scandinavia, the rest of the world has barely heard of them. So here's to spreading the word.

Download: Invincible Summer, Spring Forward
For the fans of: Lifetime, Shook Ones, Dolarhyde, early Saves The Day
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 15.06.2011

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