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Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom/Kill Trend Suicide

Written by: PP on 15/11/2006 14:53:57

Brutal Truth were once considered the pioneers of deathgrind, a genre comprising of elements of death metal and grindcore. It has all the features of a death metal album with its growled vocals, blast beats and dynamic intensity. At the same time, some of the songs race through at lightning speed in a chaotic manner leaving little space for the listener to understand what is going on. "Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom/Kill Trend Suicide" combines together their most popular album from 1997 and their 1996 mini-album "Kill Trend Suicide" with complete remixing and remastering of the original recordings.

Like all Relapse artists, Brutal Truth at first seems like a chaotic mess of noise, grind and jazz-influenced guitars that seem to be going nowhere and everywhere simultaneously. But soon you realize that this isn't your standard sub-par grindcore, as the "Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom"-era songs have an audible structure that even those not familiar with the genre are able to follow (see the 3:30 minute "Jemenez Cricket" for instance, a lengthy track on grindcore standards). It is their ability to combine the chaos, intensity and brutality of death metal and speed grindcore together in a way that John Doe can give it a chance that made them so popular (for a band of this genre) in late 90s before they disbanded. As the band went through a set of liveshows promoting this reissue, the response they received was so great they chose to reunite and are currently recording new material.

Is there anything here to justify re-purchase for those who own both of the albums already? Hardly. The remastering hasn't changed the bad-quality recording too much, and quite possible has removed some of the edge that made the originals so appealing in the first place. For others, it is an interesting starting point for discovery of the Brutal Truth back catalogue, and as both have been out of print for a while, is a timely re-issue for the currently flourishing genre.


Download: Jemenez Cricket
For the fans of: Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Regurgitate
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Release date 23.10.2006
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