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Written by: PP on 24/12/2011 02:15:02

Legend tells me that Tin Armor used to sound like Smoking Popes, which was the primary reason I signed up to review their new album "Life Of Abundance". Turns out the band have changed significantly since then - matured as some people like to put it - and today write piano-infused indie/pop, though you can still hear from their vocalist's smooth voice where the Popes reference comes from.

"Life Of Abundance" begins with a title track that borders on something you might hear on a gospel compilation, and while it works good for a gospel track, it doesn't really give a good taster of what the rest of the album sounds like. From here onwards, the band alternate between alt-country-ish piano rock and more folksy stuff with punk undertones like "Wayward Kites". The former are soothing songs likable to anyone who also reads Jack's Mannequin among their favorites, and likes balladic songs in general, but it's in the latter where Tin Armor are at their most interesting. The upped tempo, the slightly more characteristic singing with a little bit of a strain in it, and the instrumentals simply mean there's more meat around the bone to chew on.

During "Life Of Abundance" the piano-ballads are at the center of the attention, and the punk-flavored tracks are in the minority. While both styles work to a certain extent, it's unfortunate that Tin Armor have chosen the way of experimenting with music instead of just playing good, catchy tunes. Admittedly, I might be in the wrong audience for their softer material, because they are quality songs in their own right, so do check them out if you like singer-songwriter type of stuff spiced with pianos and an alt-country vibe. Hence, I'll be awarding them a higher rating than what I would out of personal preference. How's that for unbiased?


Download: Wayward Kites, I Am Resolved, Coffin Sheets
For the fans of: Ben Folds, Wilco, The Weakerthans, Death Cab For Cutie
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Release date 14.07.2011

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