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Somebody has been listening to quite a bit of Star Fucking Hipsters and Leftöver Cräck. The self-titled debut album by Tallahassee, Florida based Gorgeous namely sounds just like the former's rawer output, minus the ska-rhythms. Especially vocalist Koral Alexander is a dead ringer for Stza from Star Fucking Hipsters & Leftöver given her scream-laden style. Aside from that, their sound is basically a 50/50 split between rebellious anarchy and party punk, where roughly half the tracks will appeal to spiked mohawk-bearing punks who look up to the antics of Sex Pistols, and the rest are designed to kickstart the party with their danceable rhythms and catchy vocals, again drawing parallels to SFH's last two albums in particular.

The production has been left raw and almost non-existent, which results in an unpolished, underground sound, that's best described as a big fuck you to the major label recording budgets. It's the antonym of the clean-sounding punk we're accustomed to hearing these days, and while that's a weakness in a couple of spots on the record, it allows for easy detection of the spirit and angry rebellion that lies behind this band. The frantically paced songs show this best, though there are also songs on the record that rely on a bit of a folk vibe at times. Here, the band resembles Against Me!'s debut album "Reinventing Axl Rose" in places, but only slightly, so a full-fledged comparison may not be in order. Elsewhere, Gorgeous go for a more chilled out acoustic vibe, but this I feel does not work for the band as well as the pure attitude of the angry songs and the upbeat danceable sections in their more melodic material.

Overall, "Gorgeous" is a decent debut album, but given how closely it resembles Star Fucking Hipsters, it alternates between sounding like a b-side to one of their records, or a demo-feel in other passages. The melodies can be strong, however, as shown on "Short Shorts" and "Thank You Universe", so if you put this group in a proper studio with a decent producer, good things will come out of it, I'm sure.

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For the fans of: Star Fucking Hipsters, Leftöver Cräck
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Release date 12.06.2011

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