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Written by: AP on 21/12/2011 18:12:37

Opiate is a recent addition to the domestic metal scene here in Denmark, similar in their mindset to Cold Night for Alligators and the late Vira. What that means is Opiate produce complex, dizzying metalcore rife with odd meter riffs and syncopated rhythms, three songs worth of which have been provided to us on the band's debut EP "Reflection".

At first the similarities between Opiate and Cold Night for Alligators are almost too obvious to afford Opiate credibility for coming up with music as complicated as this, but upon multiple listens it becomes clear that there is, in fact, a clear divide between the two bands. Where Cold Night for Alligators have refined both their individual skillsets and their songwriting abilities to a maximum, Opiate seem to fall short in the second department. The three songs we are treated to, "Palace of Sand", "Convergence" and "Mirrors", are impossibly complex testaments to instrumental prowess most aspiring musicians can only dream of, but all three suffer from a lack of finesse somewhat. Allowing no room for the multitude of sections and parts to breathe, Opiate unwittingly ensure the listener is too busy trying to focus on just one of these parts to be able to comprehend a full song, let alone a full extended play.

Still, it is impossible not to be impressed, at least on some level, by the technical showmanship present on the EP, not to mention by the sheer complexity and intensity of the beast. As the band matures on future releases, I have absolutely no doubt that Opiate will place more emphasis on writing more coherent songs around their bewildering arpeggios and stop-start dynamics, whilst still inducing people's jaws to drop during their instrumental demonstrations of talent.


Download: Convergence, Mirrors
For the fans of: Born of Osiris, Cold Night for Alligators, Vira
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Release date 02.10.2011

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