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Written by: PP on 21/12/2011 06:34:24

6131 Records continues to impress with the signing of New Jersey's Settle For Less and by releasing records that are almost unequivocally awesome. It's starting to look like the label can do no wrong considering the fantastic releases this year by their artists Such Gold, Joyce Manor, Bane, Sinking Ships, and now by Settle For Less. Although it only houses three tracks, "Contemporary" EP makes a strong statement that Settle For Less are one of the bands to watch in 2012 as they are (hopefully) preparing to release a full length at some point during next year.

"Contemporary" EP is another emotionally charged punk rock album that strays far from the high tempos and simplified chords of the genre's core sound, deep into the introspective moods and angular instrumentation of many a band you've fallen in love with in the past two or three years. Opener "Diffident Man", for instance, starts out by sounding just like Everyone Everywhere, only with a slight Tigers Jaw vibe in the guitars, before it breaks out into emotional bursts of raw punk rock that draws a close parallel to a band like Make Do And Mend. "Outsider" will remind you of an indie version of Hot Water Music for a while, before "Medicine" brings in a dark, heavily introspective emo flavor that should immediately remind you of Brand New's angry recordings or even of The Dangerous Summer's excellent "War Paint" from earlier this year. Seahaven might be another band to refer to here. Sounds awesome? That's because it fucking is. I've been told their previous EP "Greetings" was supposed to be great as well, but "Contemporary" underlines that Settle For Less should be on your most anticipated debut full lengths band list for next year.


Download: Diffident Man, Outsider, Medicine
For the fans of: Tigers Jaw and Everyone Everywhere meet Make Do & Mend and Seahaven
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Release date 16.05.2011
6131 Records

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