Siblings And Sevens

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There's more to Philadelphia than The Wonder Years, although you'd be forgiven to think so these days. One promising rock band from the same city is Luther, who blend together elements of punk rock and indie-flavored alternative rock on their new album "Siblings And Sevens", arriving at a sound that's somewhere right in between the likes of The Menzingers, Everyone Everywhere and Gaslight Anthem's more relaxes tracks. Some tracks like "The Suitor" lean heavily towards the former (though without the unique vocals of either band), "There's Always Money" has a strong Gaslight resemblance, whereas others have a slightly faster tempo and more of a punk rock vibe in general.

The songs are emotionally charged, that much you can hear from the vocals that range between explosive cleans and laid back vocals borrowed from original emo and indie rock. If you really stretch your ears, you might even argue for a The Menzingers influence on the vocals in places, but it is no more than just a small nuance of Luther's sound...or maybe that's because Tom May of The Menzingers is guesting on "There's Always Money" and does a great job overall, elevating the track into a podium finish on the album.

Unfortunately for the album/EP (what is it with these seven/eight track records, seriously) as a whole, the songs are of inconsistent quality. There are a couple of duds that aren't necessarily bad songs more than they are forgettable, but to counter them, the band responds with plenty of good indie-flavored punk tracks that should appeal to all fans of the bands listed in the for the fans of section below. It means the record is a good starting point for future development: its current incarnation may not take them out of the basements, but given the popularity of Gaslight Anthem these days, chances are their next one will.


Download: The Communion, There's Always Money...
For the fans of: Banquets, Timeshares, The Reveling, Sharks, The Gaslight Anthem (older)
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Release date 16.08.2011
Black Numbers

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