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If my memory serves right, MadCraft are the first pop punk band I've ever heard from Finland. For reasons that probably have a lot to do with extensive winters and short summers, the bright, happy-go-lucky pop punk sound has never broken through the Finnish market just like it hasn't done in Denmark. But since Norway and Sweden have notoriously strong pop punk / melodic punk scenes, my theory doesn't make any sense. It's a shame, though, because pop punk as a genre offers some of the catchiest music around, and although MadCraft's four track EP "Lovelock'd" might not fit that category to the letter, it comes pretty damn close.

Now, if all their songs were like "Let Me Breathe", MadCraft would be a Nordic sensation by now. It's rare to hear a song with so much youthful energy and bouncy rhythms played with so much enthusiasm as it is here, and with the added flavor of plentiful woah-oh-oh-oh lines, the song will imprint itself on your mind for days to come whether you like it or not. To go back to my Finland analogy from earlier, it's also very surprising that the song is as sugar-coated and sweet in its sound, because usually the bands from my home country tend to be of melancholic or heavy nature, often both at the same time.

But MadCraft isn't pure college pop punk even though the first track might suggest so. Tracks two and three, "Oh No!" and "2 People 2 Places" respectively, have hints of rock'n'roll embedded within, and sound less happy than the opening bomb or the killer hook-laden closing track "Lovelock'd". They should be, though, because the band are several multiples better when they let loose on their easy-going pop songs played at punk speeds. On the basis of just two tracks it's difficult to award the EP a higher grade than this, but on the flip side they demonstrate that MadCraft are definitely on the right path. Can't wait to hear more from these guys.


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Release date August 2011

Lovelock'd by MadCraft

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