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The mere existence of some bands puzzles me. I understand that there's a need for mainstream rock bands; nobody is always in a state of mind where you require music with depth and artistic integrity, hence bands like Nickelback, 3 Doors Down and Hinder are able to make a (big) buck year in year out. But that Evanescence is still a band eight years after the release of "Fallen"...yeah, that I simply refuse to understand. How is it possible that a band, whose entire career is built around a single song ("Bring Me To Life") have enough fans left to sell enough records for a major label to care? Especially since their new, self-titled album is only their third album overall?

The answer, of course, is that they write simple music for simple people. You literally don't need to care about music to like Evanescence. You merely need to be a casual music listener, one who doesn't really have favorite albums but enjoys a few hit singles here and there. Because that's exactly what each Evanescence album is built around: three, maximum four hit singles and eight or nine tracks of pure filler, where it's obvious not even the band themselves care about the music they are making. For all intents and purposes, Evanescence is Nickelback, just with a hot female singer for marketing value.

So to save you time and effort, on "Evanescence", the hit singles are as follows: "Made Of Stone", "The Change", "What You Want" (which is annoying as fuck if you ask me), and "My Heart Is Broken". Otherwise, it's an archetypical major label album: the remaining songs are there solely so they are able to charge you extra money for a full-length album. They are bland, uninspired, and boring examples of the already questionable gothic metal style dumbed down to a safe, inoffensive mainstream sound that's the polar opposite of the 'dangerous' vibe that rock music is supposed to exhibit. Amy Lee's vocals might be technically alright - even good at times - but she sings with literally no emotion or interest on the songs that are not meant to carry the entire album. A direct comparison between album highlight "Made Of Stone" and a track like "Erase This" makes the latter sound embarrassing.

Is it catchy? Yes, I can't deny that even the second half of the album has its moments in that department. But it's extremely difficult to get over the fact that the riffs are standard mainstream rock, the production is as major label perfection as it comes to make it all sound grand and majestic, therefore hiding the lack of talent to some extent...not to even mention the fact that the album sounds hopelessly like 2003 to make it in today's musical climate, at least from the critical perspective. Lets just say it this way: if Evanescence is your favorite band and you stumble upon this review, you're at the metaphorical top of an iceberg that's the size of planet earth when it comes to music. And you know what? That's okay. We won't blame you. Just expect to roll your eyes in a few years' time at your taste in music if you do decide to dig deeper into the vibrant world of music in the future.

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Release date 11.10.2011
Wind-Up Records

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