Napalm Dream

Written by: PP on 16/12/2011 01:28:23

Usually when bands release records on vinyl only, it leaves me scratching my head over the lost opportunity given that it's only the fraction of music listeners who actually own vinyl players. But in Tenement's case it only makes sense. Their new album "Napalm Dream" is naturally glitchy with a vivid garage production that ranges from exceptionally lo-fi stuff recorded on an eight-track to slightly cleaner, but still noisy material. In other words, exactly the kind of recording that would benefit from the warmth of a vinyl player in its sound. But fret not, the record is also available digitally just in case.

The influences of this Wisconsin bunch are pretty clear: The Replacements, Hüsker Dü, and Superchunk are all referenced in one way or another in Tenement's sound. That means you're in for a gleeful, enthusiastic sound full of fuzzy distortion that gives the guitars a warm, bright sound and a sense of familiarity. It varies between straight up garage rock, even regressing down to pure lo-fi on "Dreaming Out Loud", "When Time Caught Up" and "Blammo", and a brighter alternative rock expression with clear melodic punk undertones. Think Descendents if they met up with The Replacements for a garage punk session.

The songs are catchy and very friendly: they're like that guy at a party who knows everyone and welcomes you with open arms, having no qualms over anybody. They're so easy to get into, to hum along to, and even sing along to whenever the noisy guitars allow the equally unpolished vocals to shine. And although we're not exactly dealing with a high tempo here, the songs are bursting from energy and enthusiasm that's hard to deny as a listener.

Download: Earwig, Simple Things Can Seem So Involved, Skyscraper
For the fans of: The Replacements, Superchunk, Descendents, All, Joyce Manor
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Release date 30.06.2011

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