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Die Miserable

Written by: MGA on 14/12/2011 00:32:48

Let’s be honest; Fuck the Facts is a silly band name. Fortunately, it doesn't come close to matching the sound the band produces, and more fortunately, their latest album, "Die Miserable", lands even farther away from what one would assume the band sounds like.

From the very first track, "Die Miserable" is a journey into the darker, misanthropic side of metal. The name of the album stands as the perfect title for the band's ninth record, as it represents some of the absolute grimmest, most nihilistic work within the Fuck the Facts discography. To the layman, "Die Miserable" sounds like a hybrid of the angular riffs of the Trap Them run through the blackened blender of Behemoth, and the result is something that stands outside the grim grindcore of the previous work of Fuck the Facts, or anyone else for that matter.

While the band is inevitably always going to be defined by their female singer, gender is very much an absent element on "Die Miserable". And while female frontage could stand as a draw in a way similar to Kylesa and Agoraphobic Nosebleed, "Die Miserable" is an album defined by gender neutrality.

The vocals of frontwoman Melanie Mongeon are married to the grind of the instrumentals, resulting in something extremely cold and dissonant, punctuated only by the occasional rumble of the bass to break up passages of blast beats. "Die Miserable" is fast, but there's a controlled speed to it. There's a huge amount of nuance and space within the tracks, which results in song lengths Steve Jobs was anticipating when making song capacity estimates for his iPods. By no means is it like the dead ahead, over in 50 seconds strategy employed by grind contemporaries Wormrot and Pig Destroyer. Comprised of eight tracks running over 35 minutes, no track amounts to just gratuitous aggression and brutality; they're all thought out and work as actual songs within their three to four-minute template.

While thinking man's metal has been a tongue in cheek term for a few years, it hasn't been applied to anything produced within the grindcore subgenre yet. And to be up front, the time isn't now. But “Die Miserable” is one thing that isn't seen very often, and that's songwriter's grindcore. That is very much to the credit of Fuck the Facts.


Download: Drift, Cold Hearted, Alone
For The Fans Of: Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, The Secret, Gaza
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Release Date 11.10.2011
Relapse Records

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