Chase This City

All That's On Your Mind EP

Written by: PP on 13/12/2011 06:11:05

With all the focus revolving around the reactionary and realist pop punk bands these days, it's starting to seem like the stream of polished and poppy end of pop punk bands is slowly starting to dry up. Now, if a bright and summery sound with plenty of crunchy guitars and bouncy riffs appeals to you more than the melancholic realism of The Wonder Years or the no-frills 'my girlfriend left me' of Man Overboard, here's a band that might just appeal to you all the way from Chicago: Chase This City.

This is a five-piece taking pop punk back to its basics: super catchy hooks, sing along choruses, infectious verses, and a veeeery poppy outlook overall. Think Hit The Lights or The Years Gone By here, you can maybe even detect a little bit of FOB influence in there, though it is all done with a heavier guitar base that recalls bands like Fireworks or Veara. So "All That's On Your Mind" is not exactly original, but it works because it's played with high amounts of energy and because its choruses are just as catchy as they need to be if you're going to play pop punk this polished.

Not all songs are fast-paced though. "The Stateline" is borderline balladic, but it continues a trend of catchy vocal hooks started by the infectious opener "Every Dork Deserves His Day", so it works better than most songs of its kind. Either way, it's all fairly typical to the polished end of pop punk, so this isn't going to be the release to turn you into a pop punk fanatic. Both for those of us that are that already, "All That's On Your Mind" is a nice reminder that new bands are still coming around who can underline the pop in pop punk without sounding cliché and pointless. As long as Chase This City avoid from over-producing their currently raw-sounding guitars, they have good things waiting ahead of them.


Download: Every Dork Deserves His Day, The Sound Of Separation
For the fans of: Hit The Lights, The Years Gone By, Fireworks, Veara
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 30.07.2011

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