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Sin Renuncia A La Esperanza

Written by: PP on 09/12/2011 05:52:58

Is it the second coming of funk rock or something? We've been sent a ton of releases lately who try to resurrect the long dead style of alternative rock from the 90s, with Big Bang being the latest group that roughly positions itself in between Incubus' "Fungus Amongus", the strange proto nu-metal of koRn's early days, and a dosage of hard rock / rock'n'roll. To top things off, their debut album "Sin Renuncia A La Esperanza" (Hope Is Not Giving Up) - ten years in the making I'm told - is sung all in Spanish. Can you say irrelevant in more ways than Big Bang just did right there? Oh wait, I forgot about their band name. So I'll keep this relatively short.

Ten tracks of funk rock of varying degree of mediocrity, reminding us of the 90s but never enough to make us wish "oh man, I wish I could rewind two decades and re-live those days again", which Bush successfully managed to do on their comeback album a few months ago. The instrumentals sound like a weird mixture between early Incubus and early Red Hot Chili Peppers (think funky bass lines and experimental guitars before they streamlined their sound for "Californication"), whereas the vocals sound like a second-rate Jonathan Davis - one not insane nor strange enough to appeal through unique character when actual vocal talent lacks. Do you see what I mean? It's just not very interesting, period. It's a retrospective look at a genre that today feels extremely dated and irrelevant - and this coming from someone who is (used to be?) a huge fan of this kind of stuff. I guess it just boils down to Big Bang not being on par with the good bands in the genre. They shouldn't be expecting a record deal anytime soon.


Download: En Calma, Esclavo
For the fans of: old Incubus, koRn
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Release date Late 2010

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