Doomed From Day One

The Wasted World EP

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The British heavy music scene is flourishing these days with many a band trying to break out of what is quickly becoming a saturated mess of bands who sound a little bit like everyone but not at all like themselves. Doomed From Day One is one such band, from the town of Guildford, mixing together elements of death metal, standard metalcore, and djent in an attempt to stick out.

That they do not do, however, as "The Wasted World" EP essentially delivers more of the same brutal heaviness with technical flair that you'll also encounter on records by August Burns Red, The Black Dahlia Murder, Architects, and even Periphery (we'll get to that momentarily). There are even jazzy lulls thrown in for good measure, and the occasional djent-inspired riff that immediately makes one think of Meshuggah, or indeed Periphery.

For the most part, however, "The Wasted World" is a fairly standard metalcore affair. The vocalist is borderline terrible, with a nothingsaying scream/growl combination which neither is brutal enough to stand out in that extreme, nor good enough to impress through catchy vocal lines and the like. Fortunately, the band's guitarists convey talent on especially "Depths Of Imagination" through some innovative stop-start riffs that alter the tempo and rhythm of the song in atypical ways for a metalcore band. It is here, and in the elegant jazz sections where Doomed From Day One's potential lies, but as of now, it hasn't been materialized fully, and for the time being, they'll be one of the countless British metal bands disappearing into the gray mass of similar-minded groups.

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For the fans of: August Burns Red, The Black Dahlia Murder,
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Release date 14.11.2011
Noise Control Records

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