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I must run through four or five Hot Water Music soundalikes a month, and they all share one characteristic in common: consistency (and a love for nostalgia-driven, soaring vocal melodies). But that's the thing when you're paying homage to a brilliant band instead of merely a good one. As long as you play the style faithfully and with similar unadulterated passion as the pioneers, you're treading in safe waters. On occasion, one of these bands clicks and records a timeless piece of mid tempo post-hardcore infused punk rock, as was the case with Polar Bear Club, or more recently, Make Do And Mend.

Pentimento are a band in that vein from Buffalo, NY. Their quiet/loud structures, smoky verses, jagged riffs and subtly exploding vocal lines share a lot of the same characteristics as the early works by those bands. Their debut EP "Wrecked" shares that same sense of passion, that same soothing feeling of familiarity, where the vibrant bass lines have a life of their own alongside the raw guitar distortion and half-shouted, half-sung vocals that transition into soaring choruses when you least expect it. The melodies are heartfelt and honest; you really get the feeling that there isn't a grain of fake or dishonesty about Pentimento. Perhaps more importantly, they are definitely growers. The melodies are more subtle and hidden underneath the layers of angular instrumentation than is the case with brighter punk bands, but they are also more rewarding. Frequent re-listens means the songs just get better and better.

There are only six songs on "Wrecked EP", but they are all consistently good renditions of the Hot Water Music brand of punk rock/post-hardcore. Couple of them are even great, placing the band exactly in the same spot as Make Do And Mend were at before releasing their brilliant debut album last year. Pentimento have the potential to write a similar top-10 rated album next year if they keep this up.


Download: Words With Friends, Maybe Just Maybe
For the fans of: Hot Water Music, Polar Bear Club, Make Do And Mend, Title Fight
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Release date 19.07.2011
Panic Records

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