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Prescribed Nonsense

Written by: PP on 21/11/2011 06:04:14

"Prescribed Nonsense" is a strange, strange album. Certainly one worthy of its title, suggesting that the band members have indeed been Taking Medication during the writing process. Most likely heavy doses of it. It is marketed as a 'multi genre explosion with a bit of humour', a spot on definition, given how the album is all over the place stylistically.

During the course of the record, Taking Medication takes us through psychedelic songs inspired by Pink Floyd down to outright strange amalgamations of electronics and country tunes, through sexy r'n'b infused alternative rock ("Speak & Spell") that resembles Minus The Bear,with a quick visit in singer-songwriter / folk and finishing in experimental pop / rock. Lyrically the band can be smart and quirky ("Last Day Of Work") or retarded ("Plane In The Pentagon"), leaving the listener a little puzzled as to whether they want to be taken seriously or not. Some of the material is certainly too weird for its own sake, but on occasion the band click and produce some enjoyable experimental music that won't sound like anyone you've heard in the past. You might recognize nuances and hints to lots of bands in the process, but they often pass by as quickly as they arrive, underlining the fact that this is original music with a capital o.

The real question is whether "Prescribed Nonsense" might be too daring and too experimental in places to appeal to people outside of their friend circles. It has that effect on the undersigned on a few songs, where the band push their creativity too far for their own good. But the few bright moments convince me that somewhere, in some galaxy, there is a crowd appreciative of music like this.


Download: Last Day Of Work, Archaelogy Agnes, Speak & Spell
For the fans of: Frank Zappa, Talking Heads, Ween, Primus, Devo
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Release date 31.05.2011
Oak Apple Records

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