Reduced to Sludge

Written by: EW on 19/11/2011 22:56:53

As an indication of the music within, "Reduced to Sludge" is as apt a title I've come across in quite some time. Filthy, crusty bludgeoning death metal is the order of the day from Funerus, the band featuring Incantation honcho John McEntee, rather unusually, his wife Jill, and Sam Inzerra on their second album. Perhaps not surprisingly Incantation are a useful reference point as the deep sore throat vocals and down-tuned riffing bear similarities to the main band, though the battering feel of Bolt Thrower and Hail of Bullets give Funerus a slightly more approachable edge than that doomed and disgusting variant and the result is a commendably solid 33 minute release.

Much longer than this timeframe and the ceaseless fiery assault would have become tiresome but with the lack of variation that is present the short sharp burst tactic works well. With no bullshit pretences of reinventing the wheel, anything from "Time Of Death" through "Death Of A God" and the title track offer ceaseless vindication of the strength in an unaltered death metal sound at a time when the current vogue is for bands to insert brainless breakdowns in place of riffs and natural brutality. As seen best in "E. Histolytica" Funerus are adept at the slow, yet still undeniably crushing riffing, which pleases I for such moments always serve to better emphasise the speed found elsewhere. Watch how it is melded into the remainder of the song and learn why even an uncomplicated structure can reap dividends over the far more mathematically complex fragments of modern death metal.

The ambition here is not great enough to see "Reduced to Sludge" pushing the really top marks but in it's satisfyingly solid and unapologetic nature I find myself applauding surely one of the better death metal releases this year alongside the equally obtuse Autopsy. Let’s hear it for the old-school.

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For The Fans Of: Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, Incantation
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Release date: 22.11.2011
Ibex Moon Records

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