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Written by: DR on 16/11/2011 22:36:27

I'm going to keep this review short and sweet about a release that is, relatively speaking, short, and most definitely sweet. From Copenhagen we have Mikki, aka Mr. I Met You In A Campfire, and "ISLANDS", which is his debut, and was released over a year ago.

I Met You In A Campfire plays close to the singer-songwriter driven overlap of ambient, indie and post-rock that is (supposedly) all the rage in Denmark at the moment. Obvious influences from the legends that are Radiohead and Sigur Ros are apparent, if not abundant, but it's hard to knock the lack of blazing originality on a debut release that is otherwise deftly executed. The production is crisp and clean, which is an absolute must for a style that is essentially trying to sound as soothing as possible by gently combining layers of electronic sounds and guitar effects.

Opener "Only The Lonely" is fairly nondescript, not being especially bad nor especially good, but it's with the following track, "No Thrill", that this act perk your attention. It's the 'fullest' sounding effort on the EP, combining looping electronics, guitar-work, drum beats and even female vocals. Along with the dreamy "Islands", the other six-minute effort, it ranks as one of the highlights of this EP. It is in those songs that the abilities of Mikki to arrange the music really stand out - not that the rest of the release is weak, but it is rather different in that it feels even more subdued, therefore not as daring, glorious or uplifting. When he's composing those youthful and hopeful pieces, such as "No Thrill" and "Islands", Mikki truly shines.


Download: No Thrill, Islands
For The Fans of: Youth Lagoon, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, ambient/post-rock music
Listen: Bandcamp

Release Date 05.10.2010

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