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Everything's Better With Sugar

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Sugar Louise are a no-frills pop punk / power pop band from Trondheim, Norway, who really, really hate Bono and U2. When they released their first single "Baby (You Never Call me Crazy)", they combined it with the launch of their own, international red letter-day called Burn Your Bono Day, which they hoped would be a holiday for everyone to clean out the 'crap from their record collections'. They also have written a track called "U2 Sucks", a fun and infectious power pop piece, where they go on to sing "I wish that Bono would get stuck in Mexico, and he'd never make it to a studio [...] they're a lousy Irish band, and the world must understand: U2 sucks, U2 stinks, they're not worth their existence, they're a mess, and amiss, and their music sounds like piss. Not a single decent song, after playing for that long.". Juvenile, maybe, but humorous nevertheless, at least if you love bad humour like this scribe does.

They have other quirks too. Apparently they blow soap bubbles at the crowd and give them free candy at live shows, and they promoted the release of their debut album "Everything's Better With Sugar" by playing 24 shows in 24 hours in Trondheim. Why is this important? Because it outlines exactly the kind of band Sugar Louise are musically. They play basic, Ramones influenced old school pop punk that resembles our local pop punkers The 20Belows to a great extent, but especially on "Down By The Lake", where the chorus melody is almost identical to the sort of happy-go-lucky sing alongs we're used to hearing from those guys.

Most of the lyrics are unserious to say the least: "Be My Demi Moore" is about wanting to be Ashton Kutcher, the Screeching Weasel-esque "I'm In Love" is a 15 second song consisting just one lyric ("I'm in love with you") on repeat...yeah, Sugar Louise aren't exactly nominees for the most intellectual band on the planet. But if you're able to stomach that, Sugar Louise play good, basic, easily accessible and catchy European pop punk with a fun vibe that's undoubtedly a blast to experience live, even if the record isn't that special in itself.

Download: Down By The Lake, Be My Demi Moore, U2 Sucks
For the fans of: The 20Belows, Ramones, Zapoteks, Screeching Weasel
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Release date 28.04.2011
Naked Hollywood Records

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