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goodbyemotel released two independent EPs in 2007 and 2008, but took time to write their debut album as it didn't come out until 2010. Their music has been featured on a whole host of international TV shows, including Gossip Girl, Covert Affairs, national sports shows and even been used in the The Oaktree Foundation's "End Child Slavery" campaign. It would seem they are destined for mainstream success.

With their latest EP, "Wish Your Way", it would seem as though the band really want to achieve mainstream recognition as their music is an amalgamation of pop, indie and straight-forward radio-rock that ticks almost all the right boxes for music of this ilk. Opener "Redroom" starts promisingly, with a bouncy riff and infectious vocal melodies that get your foot tapping along. However, the song falls down when it reaches the nondescript chorus, which lacks the energy required to seep into the unsuspecting listener's consciousness. It's a shame because the verses in this song are really, really solid, so much so that as you listen you're just waiting for that huge sing-along, but it never arrives. This isn't a one-off either, as "Remember", too, suffers from failing to capitalise on the momentum the verses generate by offering another lacklustre chorus.

There are positives to be heard, though, as both "Wish Your Way" and "Burning Since Sunday" see goodbyemotel not trying to pen the next radio 'hit', and instead focus on letting their song-writing abilities flow, and the result is impressive spacious, The Temper Trap-esque atmospheric melodies that allow the sincerity in the vocals to really shine. Ultimately, it's those songs which indicate goodbyemotel's potential. They sound their biggest when they're not actually trying to sound big, and if they build on them in the future then goodbyemotel may just be heading for mainstream success, after all.

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For The Fans of: The Kooks, Vampire Weekend, The Temper Trap
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Release Date 15.08.2011
Nice Bike Records

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