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Fools Will Crush The Crown

Written by: PP on 02/11/2011 06:52:40

All roads lead to Rome, they say, but when it comes to chaotic hardcore and mathcore, all roads lead to Botch. The influence of the seminal pioneers of the two genres is traceable in most units today, not least Norma Jean and The Chariot among other genre heavyweights, but also in smaller acts like The Rodeo Idiot Engine. Although they hail from Basque Country, Spain, their new album "Fools Will Crush The Crown" follows in the exact footsteps of Botch, whether they were directly influenced by the band or not.

You can hear it in the dissonant chaos that thrives on discordance and nonsensical song structure, or within the dozens and dozens of stop-start sequences that characterize their sound. But what I've always loved about mathcore bands is their ability to make sense of un-melodic passages that to some may sound like sheer copy/paste noise, but which upon closer inspection reveal genius in arranging the conventional instruments in an entirely unconventional manner. Botch were the masters in this, and The Rodeo Idiot Engine are no amateurs either. Their relentless aggression levels and love for pure, unadulterated chaos is bound to make for an amazing live show akin to Dillinger Escape Plan, but even on record they find just the right balance of discordance and melody to impress the listener. See "Crown Of Thorns" or "Last Breath" for good examples. The instrumentation is tight and impressive for such an unknown band, and the vocals in particular deserve extra credit for portraying the band as utter maniacs who want nothing more than to run a cheese grater back and forth on your face.

So while "Fools Will Crush The Crown" might not be the most original release in the genre, a few active listening sessions will reveal it competing on even footing with what is considered as the high standard. They know how to wreak havoc instrumentally, yet without going way over the top in complexity and weirdness (Heavy Heavy Low Low anyone?), retaining a good amount of melody in the process. Check it out, it's available as a free download.


Download: Crown Of Thorns, Last Breath
For the fans of: Botch, Fight Pretty, The Chariot, Fear Before The March Of Flames
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 15.07.2011
Throatruiner Records

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