The Burning Halo

Written by: MY on 05/11/2006 18:32:20

I'll start with the bad news, this isn't a new album. After gaining more success and respect with two albums that most doom bands can even imagine, Napalm Records stars Draconian return with a compilation. The band announced they had started work on a new album but after some time, with the request from the fans (ah really?), they decided to deliver a bonus album first. "The Burning Halo" is a compilation of three new songs, three re-recordings from their 1999 demo "The Closed Eyes Of Paradise" and two covers.

The first three tracks are the new songs. And all of them show Draconian in perfect form: a mixture of heavy guitars, dramatic keyboards, doom and death metal vocals by Anders Jacobson and romantic female vocals by Lisa Johansson. In general, Anders Jacobson is taking the lead vocals except for "The Dying". This is, without any doubt, the best song on the whole album, Lisa's vocals will do nothing less than melt your heart! There are some melodies hanging around on these three songs, reminding you Anathema's "Alternative 4" times.

The next three tracks are the re-recordings and they fit into the first three ones’ sound surprisingly well. I haven't listened to the original versions of the songs before but by the sound of the re-recordings, the band had already formed their own sound in the past years. "The Gothic Embrace" is shining like a diamond between these three.

Two covers are placed at the end, closing the album. The first one is Dutch progressive band Ekseption's "On Sunday They Will The World". Ekseption must have written this song for Draconian or something, because otherwise it would be nearly impossible for a song to fit into the band's style so well. The other one, Pentagram's classic "Forever My Queen", is the opposite and a weird choice for Draconian but it's indeed an interesting close for the album.

When I first noticed that "The Burning Halo" wasn't going to be a new album, I was truly disappointed. But even if it is a compilation, it is very much worth your attention and money. Do not miss Draconian!


Download: The Dying, The Gothic Embrace
For the fans of: My Dying Bride, Anathema
Listen: Draconian@MySpace

Release date 02.10.2006
Napalm Records
Provided by Target ApS

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