Deadend In Venice

See You On The Ground

Written by: PP on 26/10/2011 22:31:54

What happens if you ask Haley Williams of Paramore to sing on a melodic death metal album? Thankfully, no-one knows, but the result would likely to be as out-of-place as with Annabell Klein on Deadend In Venice's new album "See You On The Ground". For some mysterious reason, these Germans have thought it a good idea to include a weak female vocalist who resembles a dime-a-dozen gothic metal vocalist, that is, lacks character and charisma altogether to sing on as heavy and hard-hitting record as "See You On The Ground".

She's contrasted with typical melodeath shrieks, which are also a far cry from the elite vocalists in the genre, but not entirely awful, however. The two split their roles roughly evenly in each song, sometimes competing for space in the mix simultaneously, but even when left alone, Klein fails to arouse any interest in the listener, instead inciting negative emotions because her whiny croon does not do anything at all for the soundscape. It's a shame, because every now and then the remaining members are able to muster interesting melodic death metal instrumentally, characterized by high-tempo melodic riffs and decent all-around percussion. But here, too, Deadend In Venice fall regrettably short from what is considered to be the norm in the genre. The songs are rarely interesting or able to compete on even footing against the good bands in the genre, so adding in weak female vocals on top does even more damage to the band's sound than it would otherwise. And before you go bashing me for being anti-female vocalist in the comments, I'll just direct you to a great female vocalist in metal instead.

Simply put, melodeath comes in much more interesting and better forms than on "See You On The Ground", so don't waste your time on it, unless you have a 'thing' for femme-metal vocalists.


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Release date 17.06.2011
Casket Records

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