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East Of Youth

Written by: PP on 22/10/2011 02:33:27

Denmark isn't exactly known for its flourishing post-rock scene, but lately the scene has been blossoming with young and promising bands perfectly capable of competing to the international standards of the genre. We've seen The Day We Left Earth impressing people left and right after entering the gig circuit recently, and The Shaking Sensations seems to be the next big thing when it comes to Danish post-rock, at least if one is to judge by their debut album "East Of Youth", a six-track, 47-minute testament to how post-rock is meant to sound like in its most delicate form.

As is the norm for the genre, the whole ordeal goes down instrumentally, completely devoid of vocals. In most instances such an approach is a weakness, but in post-rock, the excessive approach to layering takes care of that problem as there is plenty of interest points available to appease the listener. The Shaking Sensations belong to the more delicate and quiet realm of post-rock bands, relying on strong quiet/loud dynamics where extensive periods of quiet lulls and near-silence are contrasted with crushing crescendos where it sounds like all the instruments are crashing down on the listener at once. The climaxes are well executed, yet they avoid smearing the delicate and light atmosphere the band carefully utilizes throughout the record. Indeed, words like dreamy, introspective and sensitive come to mind long before heavy, direct and loud, but that's sort of the point for The Shaking Sensations' music. And once the louder parts eventually arrive, they surround the listener with an all-encompassing, immersive wall of sound that requires full concentration in order to fully appreciate how well it is constructed.

Overall, "East Of Youth" is full of lush, rich soundscapes that compete evenly with the bands currently enjoying international success around the world. Though it's not difficult to discern Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Mogwai from their influences, The Shaking Sensations have crafted a sound for themselves for which they should be proud of. It's not particularly original, but they compensate with immersive beauty and structurally sound songs that should appeal to any post-rock fan out there.

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For the fans of: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai
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Release date 20.06.2011
Pad & Pen Records

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