Carnival Cadavre

Written by: PP on 21/10/2011 18:43:21

It's not often one gets to use the term 'catchy' in connection with a death metal release, but Germany's Hackneyed give me no choice with their third album "Carnival Cadavre". The amount of groove and catchy melody in their otherwise brutal and pounding death metal expression can simply not be described in any other way than catchy. It's also the key reason why their new album has left its mark on me instead of going in one ear and out the other like most of their conventional death metal peers succumbing to the standard formula of the genre.

Don't fret, there are plenty of frenetic blast-beats and impressive drum textures on the album, just as well there isn't a shortage on serpentine riffs or growled (even squealed) vocals on the record. But what Hackneyed have discovered is that the death metal songs becomes all the more effective when you overload it with groove in the lead guitar and run a hint of melody on the rhythm department. The vocals - which recall Illdisposed in every conceivable way given the hollow, guttural growls used here - also add to the catchy feeling with clearly distinguishable choruses (for the lack of a better expression), such as on "Infinite Family" or on "Maculate Conception". It's not much, but just enough to distinguish the songs from the rest on the album.

The modern death metal production may be a turn off for those more accustomed to the more natural and spacier tendencies on older albums in the genre, but it ensures that Hackneyed will have no trouble supporting deathcore bands just like they consistently tour with bands like Morbid Angel and other legends in death metal. "Carnival Cadavre" might not be the pounding death metal classic it wants to be, but it's nonetheless a solid and impressive release that offers a hint of innovation and a desire to think outside of the box, a definite plus in my books.

Download: Bugging For Mercy, Infinite Family
For the fans of: Illdisposed, Lay Down Rotten, Debauchery
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Release date 22.08.2011
Lifeforce Records

Holy Slapstick by hackneyed

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