Of Which We Fall EP

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The ultra passionate Christ worship by Denver, Colorado's Sheridan might feel completely alien in a completely secular society like Denmark, where 70% of the population don't believe in God, but musically their branch of post-hardcore should sit right at home with the local fans of the genre. "Of Which We Fall", their latest EP, namely follows in the footpath of bands like UnderOATH and Gwen Stacy, combining the choral backgrounds of the former (which also recall sections from the first The Chariot album) with the rock solid deep screams of the latter when they still had Cole Wallace manning the vocal department.

Though the EP offers little you wouldn't have heard already in more established bands in the genre, their clean vocal / thick scream dynamic works well in songs like "Show Your Teeth" and especially on album highlight "Smooth Sails Bear No Strong Sailors". The clean melodies are heartfelt and soothing when they arrive, and in contrast the UnderOATH style screams give the songs enough power and oomph to impress. One has to give credit for their screamer whose talent is close to the top names in his genre.

Instrumentally, UnderOATH is again the closest parallel to be drawn, and throughout the course of the EP you'll start developing an idea that Sheridan sounds very much like a little-brother type of band to UnderOATH. The song structure, melodies and contrast elements used are very much the same, but that's also why Sheridan's expression works to a certain extent. Fans of the screamo / post-hardcore genres should definitely be taking a look at "Of Which We Fall" EP.


Download: Show Your Teeth, Smooth Sails Bear No Strong Sailors
For the fans of: UnderOATH, Gwen Stacy,
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Release date March 2011

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