Transmigration Of Consciousness

Written by: PP on 11/10/2011 05:53:32

How many intros or interludes does an album need? Apparently one per song according to Nomad, whose new album "Transmigration Of Consciousness" sports a whopping eight tracks called "Intro" and one "Outro" as well for good measure. Considering how all the intros are merely instrumental interludes leading directly into the songs themselves, it's difficult to understand why they weren't integrated as a part of the songs themselves...unless Nomad are planning to joke around one night and announce "this next song's called...INTRO" eight times in a row. There's some comic value in that, I suppose.

Anyway, given that these Poles share a guitarist with Behemoth, it's not surprising that their approach to death metal is that of brutal roaring and rock solid riffing throughout. The vocalist sounds like a curious cross between viking metallers Amon Amarth and bruisers in Gojira, and if you ask me, his thunderous roar that attacks the soundscape from above would be best suited for viking metal, used to paint pictures of the stormy seas and that sort of thing. Fear not, however, as it's perfectly acceptable for the rollicking mid-tempo death metal of Nomad as well.

The riffs and the overall instrumental landscape is pretty much exactly as you would expect from a Polish death metal band: solid, quality riffs all-around, an inherent vibe of brutality and a constant emission of a sense that "yeah, these guys know what they're doing in the genre". That said, Nomad are contempt at staying at that level but not much higher than that. The songs blend in together too easily, which you can probably tell from this review as well, given that they are not easily describable as anything else than 'Polish' and 'good'. Still some ways to go before they reach the big leagues, however.

Download: The Demon's Breath, Abyss Of Meditation
For the fans of: Bolt Thrower, Gojira, polish death metal
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Release date 21.03.2011
Witching Hour Productions

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