Age Of Disgrace

Written by: PP on 11/10/2011 05:29:59

Pestifer are a new-ish technical death metal band from Belgium. I say new-ish, because although "Age Of Disgrace" is their debut album, they've actually been a band for over seven years before reaching this stage on their career. They're also at a point in their career where they haven't yet learned how to distinguish their sound or make a proper mark for themselves, and as such, "Age Of Disgrace" sounds like the sum of its influences but doesn't leave its own customized vibe on the listener.

That need not to be a bad thing as such, and it isn't either, when your influence list ranges from older Death to Atheist, with a little bit of Bolt Thrower and Pestilence thrown in between. The style is not overtly technical, but is noteworthy for its unapologetic usage of the bass guitar to a similar extent as Obscura on their own take on the genre. So expect thunderous bass-lines that are unusually vivid and rich for a death metal release. That's where the similarities end, however, as Pestifer have clearly aimed for a more old school, muddier overall production than the precision-guided production technique of Obscura. And this is where the Atheist and Death influence comes to hand: the blistering guitar solos and spicy riffing is what makes Pestifer an entirely decent death metal outfit. They don't necessarily impress just yet, but the technicality is there, and once they brand their music a little more Pestifer-like and less Death-like, we may have an interesting release on our hands.


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For the fans of: Death, Pestilence, Atheist, Bolt Thrower
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Release date 06.05.2011
Ultimhate Records

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