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Astronomical Dimensions

Written by: PP on 11/10/2011 03:29:06

The Bridal Procession are more known for their partake in producing generic deathcore in the past, but like many bands who started out in the style, they've since then evolved into something a little bit more complex and challenging. "Astronomical Dimensions", their debut album, sees the band jump ship and dive nose first into symphonic death metal, characterized by larger-than-life synth melodies and much more ambitious songwriting than in the past. Maybe someone played them a Behemoth record at some point and they realized the error in their ways?

It's no coincidence I'm throwing in the name of the almighty Behemoth, by the way, because lengthy sections of the record are very clearly inspired by either them, Septicflesh, or other bands who use eerie symphonies as a way of reinforcing the inherent brutality and gloomy, morbid vibe of their soundscapes. The shadow of their deathcore past lurks not far behind, however, for every roared death metal growl and majestic symphony you will find a chug-chug passage that breaks the flow of the songs. Perhaps that's why "Astronomical Dimensions" sounds less impressive than it should? Well that, and the new Fleshgod Apocalypse album raised the bar for symphonies and death metal by a whole lot earlier this year.

Indeed, when comparing The Bridal Procession to Fleshgod, even though the latter are brutal death metal versus the 'ordinary' death metal of The Bridal Procession, the record sounds a little contrived and uninspired. The band members are instrumentally capable, but lack in songwriting talent; many tracks lack the urgency that comes from a well-thought out red thread. It manifests itself on "Shroud Of The End", but stays hidden elsewhere, leaving a record that's merely decent, but not outright interesting or even commendable for its merits.


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Release date 02.07.2011
Siege Of Amida

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