The Long Way Home

Written by: TL on 11/10/2011 00:32:59

After spending most of last week giving you guys reviews of albums that I've listened to mostly based on personal interest, it's time to get back to 'work' and bring you some words on a band that I probably wouldn't have heard about if one of their promos hadn't been sent to us. One such band is the German quintet Donots, who seem to have managed quite fine despite me being ignorant of them so far, releasing eight albums since the band's formation back in 1993, some of them even on Sony BMG.

The latest of those eight is "The Long Way Home", which was actually released all the way back in March 2010, yet somehow didn't make it here until July this year. On it, the band a style that is a quite typical four-to-the-floor radio-punk, the kind of which will net you support slots for Millencolin and comparisons to Green Day and, since they're German, their countrymen in Beatsteaks. Admittedly though, Donots might even be a bit more mainstream, combining bright, easy melodies with mostly up-beat tempos and ever so slightly scratched vocals that seems to go for the 'rallying cry' sound quite a lot of the time.

As you may sense already, I'm not really either excited or too bummed out by "The Long Way Home". There's nothing too offensive to good taste going on here, yet there's also not really much going on in terms of innovation, originality or just general artistery. The average product is solid, easily enjoyable songs that are pretty much par for the genre's course, and not much more than that. As many similar bands, Donots don't really ever bring enough depth to the table, to give their attempts at anthems and barn-stormers grounding, but they at least have just enough energy and grasp of catchy songwriting to make up for this, at least if you're a younger or maybe just more casual music fan with a taste a punk-ish tint in your radio rock. If that description fits you, then highlights like "Calling", "High And Dry" and "Parade Of One" should give you a solid fix, but if you're prowling the web for things with more depth/novelty/originality, there honestly isn't too much to see here.

Download: Calling, High And Dry, Parade Of One
For The Fans Of: Green Day, Millencolin, Kid Down, Beatsteaks

Release Date 26.03.2010
Solitary Man Records

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