Days Away

Mapping An Invisible World

Written by: PP on 12/05/2005 23:48:35

Days Away's debut full length "Mapping An Invisible World" further rolls the ball forward on the discussion of the rise of indie rock bands this year. First we had Copeland releasing their excellent "In Motion" and almost straight after Mae responded with "The Everglow". "Mapping An Invisible World" consists of atmospheric pop/indie rock arrangements, some of which are memorable from the first listen, and others which require more effort from the listener. With the first couple of listens, tracks like "Mirrors" and the strong opener "God And Mars" stand out from the 42 minute formula of slow guitars, relaxed drumming and soft vocals that sound like they've been brought about by the wind. But as you keep listening to the record, you realize that it's got more strong tracks than weak ones,and it's definitely one of the notable indie rock albums this year.


Download: Mirrors, It's Not Over

For the fans of: Mae, Copeland

Release date 10.05.2005

Fueled By Ramen

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