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What You Are About To Witness

Written by: PP on 05/10/2011 04:08:36

It turns out that Cleveland's Margin of Error used to be an industrial gothic metal band back in the day (or something like that) and their old fans aren't very happy about their transition towards what I'm going to refer to as simply metal, but more on that in a moment. They released an album called "What You Are About To Witness" roughly two years ago, which their PR guys decided to send us recently for review consideration. It would make sense if it was a good album, but since it's rather generic and unimpressive all-around, I'm at a loss of words why it needs to be marketed two years after its original release.

Anyway, the basis of the album is promising. It's referred to as 'murderous metal', a title derived from its concept, which is based on the thought process of a serial killer. It reads like a serial killer's diary as we progress through the album, which is one of the only bright points about the record, especially as the album begins with the screams and howls of someone being tortured, and a ravaging scream "TIME...TO...SUFFEEEERRR". Musically, however, Margin of Error have very little to offer for the listener. The point has been to write music as heavy as possible, but much like Danish Metal bands, they've forgotten about writing interesting songs in the process of making everything sound heavy, crushing, pounding and that sort of thing. Yeah, it sounds fuckin' heavy, but what's the point when the songs sound monotonous, fail to grab the listener's attention, and just focus on grating your skull open for the duration of the whole album?

The generic breakdowns are stolen from deathcore bands like Whitechapel and Suicide Silence (their older material at least), which isn't as big of a problem though as the awful production which reeks of their echoing industrial metal past with its slight echo and metallic feel of the soundscape. Because of this, all the songs sound almost identical to each other, and you won't need to go through more than just a few tracks before you feel like binning the disc. Don't waste your time.


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Release date 17.11.2009

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