No State Of Grace

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Leave it to the Polish to innovate when it comes to extreme metal. Iperyt, hailing from Katowice, have taken the black metal textbook and used lots and lots of red pen in striking out rules and restrictions of the genre, coming up with a variation they've dubbed as 'horrorcore' and 'terror techno', which also bends into 'extreme terror hardcore techno', or more commonly, industrial black metal with extra creativity embedded within it. Their second album "No State Of Grace" is a prime example of thinking outside of the box, the key reason why it is so successful.

In practice, Iperyt take basic vicious black metal, inject it with a tiny bit of crossover thrash vibe (think hardcore yells and shouts instead of black metal shrieks), and a hell of a lot of electronic effects and triggered drums. The way I've understood it is that their drummer, 'The Shocker', isn't a percussionist in the classical sense of the word, but he takes advantage of machinized drums, which allows for a wealth of possibilities not otherwise available for regular drummers. For instance, some of the patterns and textures are so unbelievably complex and fast that there isn't a human on this planet able to come even halfway to the kinds of triggered bpm that Iperyt songs contain. This 'terror machinery', as the band itself dubs it, is complemented by slower rhythms which you'll immediately associate with the echoing metallic feel of industrial metal. Together, they form a frightening atmosphere that can only be described as a murky zombie rave or something along the lines of that.

In essence, the whole expression is so different from what you normally consider to be black metal that there moments where you'll have to question whether the black metal tag is even appropriate. But then the tremolo-based riffs and straight-forward shrieking comes in and you're in no doubt about Iperyt's core sound. But just like in percussion, the band isn't afraid to push the envelope elsewhere: the guitars often wander deep into thrash metal territory, the vocals recall crossover yells occasionally, and each song has an inherent lead melody to it that's unusually catchy for black metal. That's why "No State Of Grace" is such a refreshing listen, a breath of fresh air in many ways, despite the generic pseudonyms behind the band (People Hater, Hellhound, Black Messiah, Abuser and The Shocker). You can be fairly sure you haven't heard anything quite like Iperyt in the past.


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For the fans of: Dødheimsgard, Fear Factory, black metal Ministry
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Release date 01.03.2011
Witching Hour Productions

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