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Wolfhead from Barcelona, Spain, were born in 2008 during a drunken rehearsal session for an unrelated compilation by a band called Between The Frost, where the latter's guitarist and a friend of his teamed up with Graveyard's producer to form a new band. Perhaps that's why their self-titled debut album sounds as all over the place as it does?

You see, Wolfhead play part rock'n'roll, part stoner rock, part heavy metal, part viking metal, and even part doom (Sabbath style), all on the same record. They have a driving track like "Cul De Sac", a dirty rock'n'roll anthem paying homage to Motörhead with its high-energy delivery, but then straight after the band answers with the highly viking metal influenced "Sons of Asgard", an ambitious and progressive piece that sees the guitars drop down to metal levels. Elsewhere, the distinct groove and desert sounds of stoner rock are strongly audible, and then you even have straight forward doom metal from the Sabbath era on "Doomed Faith", which later turns into guitar wizardry in the form of a lengthy solo. The tapped guitars sound awesome here.

The problem, however, is that Wolfhead aren't particularly competitive in any of their attempted genres. Each time they explore a new style the listener is forced to admit that the bigger names are simply better in their genre - and nowhere else is this more evident than on the Pink Floyd cover of "Wish You Were Here", which is well done, but serves as an example that the songwriting of Wolfhead in their own material isn't quite there yet. The lack of cohesion makes "Wolfhead" a bit of a bore as well, because once you've familiarized yourself with one style, they move quickly onto the next one and you have to start all over. It's not terrible, per se, but fairly average in all aspects except technical ability.

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For the fans of: Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Bathory
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Release date 28.04.2011
Doomentia Records

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