Crud On Monster Island

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Chances are you haven't heard music quite like Crud before. Self-described as 'super-charged fetish rock', this Detroit bunch mixes together elements from industrial, rave, hard rock, electronic music, even gothic rock into a tumultuous cocktail of noisy dance beats and half-screamed vocals. Kind of like a strange experimental side project between members from Revolting Cocks, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and White Zombie, where the quirks of each band are combined to produce something unique and thoroughly entertaining.

"Crud On Monster Island" is their second album, and as you might imagine from my description before, creativity isn't lacking, which is also evident in the design of the CD itself, painted to look like a worn down vinyl. If you've ever seen the opening scenes from xXx (the Vin Diesel movie from 2002), the pulp imagery and the shake-your-booty industrial beats and danceable rhythms of Crud would feel right at home in similar gothic caves of Central/Southern European vast nightclubs. where pyro effects and caged go-go girls are more like the rule rather than the exception. "Monster A Go Go" in particular brings such scenery into mind.

In the other extreme, you have thumping, distortion-driven industrial rock that sounds like a flash rave just took over a disco on "Balaam's Ass", borrowing equally much from Revolting Cocks as it does from Nine Inch Nails. There's also a curious interplay between the macho/gothic/industrial/Rammstein inspired male vocals and the effect-laden and often film noir-esque female vocals taking place throughout the album, and together they form some monster catchy vocal arrangements like on "Bomb Bomb" and "The Devil Is A Patient Man".

Basically, if anything industrial falls within your musical preferences, then the new Crud release will be like a tour through your favorite artists within the genre, except reinterpreted in a fascinating and original manner. And it's pretty damn catchy, too.


Download: Bomb Bomb, Monster A Go Go, Balaam's Ass
For the fans of: Revolting Cocks, Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, Ministry, Mandragora Scream
Listen: Official Website

Release date 21.12.2010
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