Awaken To The Suffering

Written by: PP on 26/09/2011 05:04:39

Ugh. The hammer is about to fall like it's never fallen before. Here are my before & after reactions to brutal death metal / deathcore / 'slam' band Pathology's fourth album "Awaken To The Suffering":

Before listening to Pathology: cool artwork, probably a very decent deathcore band based on the hype I've heard of their previous records, this should be good.

After listening to the album:

At this point in time I couldn't care less if you want to call this disaster brutal death metal, deathcore, slam, or something entirely different. It simply doesn't matter. That they are a karate moshers wet dream doesn't bother me in the slightest. I don't even care that underneath its repulsively ugly surface, Pathology show glimpses of promise instrumentally: the drumming is monumentally brutal at times, which you would expect from Dave Astor (ex-Cattle Decapitation, ex-The Locust) man-handling the cans. Or that the soundscape is best described as a down-tuned riffs galore, that the guitars are surprisingly catchy and well-written for a deathcore release, or that the soloing in "Dissected By Righteousness", among others, is very death metallish and impressive.

No. None of this matters when the band members display an incredibly incomprehensible lack of sense for what is considered good taste and what should be considered as pests or vermin, and eradicated brutally when encountered in a civilized area. I'm of course talking about their vocalist terminally ill animal that they are brutally torturing with no remorse to supplement the instrumental work. Seriously, what the fuck? Are those guttural pig-squeals? Burps? Something throwing up on the microphone? A bear being repeatedly speared all over the place? The wheezing that is passed as 'vocals' sounds animalistic to an extent where the entirety of the record consists of exactly one sound: a wholly monotonous gargle-vomit combination that is so utterly pointless it's extremely difficult to explain on paper. The band might as well take the lyrics sheet and use it as toilet paper, because there is literally zero chance that the guy has ever taken a look at it. He has merely decided to orgle on top of the music as he sees fit. In a perfect world, Pathology would have sat down in a room to listen to a demo recording of just a single song, and after thirty seconds, the alpha male of the group would have just stood up, stared at the vocalist animal in silence, and pointed at the door. This guy needs to be fired immediately. Preferably last week.

"OMFG YOU IDIOT YOU'RE MISSING THE POINT: he makes Pathology sound fucking brutal!!!1111oneone"

Listen, bitches. Gargling and orgling into the microphone over chugged riffs is NOT brutal. For real, actual brutality, please refer to exhibits A, B, C, D, or any Morbid Angel release from the 90s period. These are bands that would eat Pathology for breakfast; in comparison "Awaken To The Suffering" just sounds fake, and more importantly, fucking stupid.

Alas, as per our rating scale, I have to refer to the description: "these are usually records where a band fail miserably at what they are trying to pull off. There are redeeming factors present, but overall, something annoying is consistently devastating these albums, like horrible vocals or production".

Fanboys, there's only one thing left to say: COME AT ME BRO.


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Release date 13.09.2011
Victory Records

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