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The Resurrection Men EP

Written by: TL on 24/09/2011 19:05:03

It's a funny thing with debut records. Some bands form up with members coming in bearing plentiful experience from other bands, carrying equipment purchased with years of hard earned money, and they put together their debut with such clear vision that their name immediately echoes around the corners of the music scene. Others come together in their first band, and get ambitious right off the bat, making records with only basic equipment and with only a limited set of influences and consequently gather next to no attention at all. Judging from the self-titled EP by California quartet The Resurrection Men, I'm guessing their band is more like the latter than the former kind. Not because the EP sounds bad, in fact it sounds quite well recorded, featuring a spotless mix and a tight enough playing.

What makes me immediately put The Resurrection Men in the latter of the two categories that I just established, has nothing to do with their production or their technical abilities. Rather, it has something to do with their artistic qualities or perhaps more accurately, their lack of such. You see, the style they bring to the table on here, is not at all very interesting if you ask me. "The Resurrection Men EP" is rock so straight up that it's almost easier to say what doesn't make it special, than to find something that says it is. The four members of the band - who share the same last name, being brothers or cousins perhaps? - employ the classic vocals, 2x guitar, bass, drum setup, and spice it up with pretty much nothing on the disc here. There's clean guitar and there's distortion and not a whole lot else brought to bear in simplistic songs that seem to have influences no more modern than Semisonic, Jet or maybe Kings Of Leon if you stretch it.

Let me stop beating around the bush here: While I can't say there's anything flat out bad about "The Resurrection Men EP", I can say that the words that first come to me when trying to describe it is "boring" and "non-descript". The band seems the type that is supremely annoying to a reviewer, because their foremost trait of character is that they have no interesting traits of character. It even makes me a little annoyed, because it sounds like these guys have decided to make a rock band before stopping to either think about or at least investigate what makes a good rock band. As I'm writing this, I've had the EP on repeat for four or five spins, and all it's saying to me is how completely safe, traditional and void of edge it is. It casts The Resurrection Men as a band so entirely dead on average that I'd be shocked if anyone outside of their friends and families shows it any interest at all. It's nothing compared to how drop-dead stunned I will be however, if any of you nerds regularly reading this site, find anything in the player below here that gives you cause to disagree with me.


Download: Seroquel
For The Fans Of: Semisonic, Jet, Kings Of Leon

Release Date December 2010


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