With One Last Breath

With One Last Breath EP/Hell We Create

Written by: PP on 22/09/2011 03:14:27

With One Last Breath is a newish post-hardcore/metalcore quintet from York, UK, who introduced themselves to the scene with a self-titled debut EP about a year ago. Since then, they've also written a two-song single called "Hell We Create", which has been packaged together with the EP and shipped off to review sites such as Rockfreaks.net for promotional purposes. Apparently the debut has sold more than 20,000 digital copies since its release, which is an impressive achievement for a band whose sound feels so dated that it should've been released six-seven years ago to make a real impact.

Basically, With One Last Breath play a completely predictable and generic form of metalcore meets post-hardcore with an early to mid 2000s vibe to it. There is lots of scaling and melodic riffing about, with a steady stream of back up screams in contrived places and cliché clean croons (read: emo croons) in all choruses. Granted, there is far more focus on dynamic melodies than on numb breakdowns, but when the metalcore part of the band feels inspired by Bullet For My Valentine and Glamour Of The Kill, and the semi-catchy clean parts incite no emotion int he listener, the result is a sound that should've been buried years ago, and one that certainly doesn't have a chance to 'make it' in 2011.

It says a lot about With One Last Breath that they have Davey Richmond from Glamour Of The Kill making a guest appearance on your record. Lets be honest here, if those guys are a band you're inspired by, you're probably looking up to the wrong people. And from a similar level of generic, they make sure to also involve Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria on "Wake The Dead", who at least brings some aggression into the mix, which so far has felt awfully tame and let down by a lackluster production. The key thing to note here, however, is that anything on "With One Last Breath" EP has been done to death so many times and by so many better bands that I just don't see any reason why anyone would be interested in this release. Granted, it's not terrible, just painstakingly average, and hopelessly dated in its nature.


Download: I Taste The Poison
For the fans of: Bullet For My Valentine, Glamour Of The Kill, washed up pop-metalcore
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Release date 01.07.2010

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