Big Business

Quadruple Single EP

Written by: DR on 21/09/2011 21:40:34

Originally hailing from Seattle, Big Business started as a two-piece consisting of Jared Warren (Karp) and Coady Willis (Murder City Devils). Shortly after the release of their debut album, "Head For The Shallow", the band relocated to Los Angeles and released "Here Come The Waterworks" to critical acclaim. Another two years later and the band released "Mind The Drift", their third-album, to further praise, however, in 2010 the band went a year without playing shows - leaving their future in doubt. They quashed any rumours with the announcement that they were to become a 'power quartet' with the introduction of Scott Martin (400 Blows) on guitar.

This "Quadruple Single" EP is their return, and even I, having never even stepped foot in these musical waters, feel like I have been missing the force that is Big Business. Their sound is tightly-bound somewhere between stoner, sludge and symphonic(?) metal, that seems based around each member being as crazy as possible. Yet aside from each member being wizards with their respective instruments, what really sets this band apart is how they don't take themselves too seriously. That's not to say the four songs here are meant to be taken with a tongue in cheek, just that there is a playful charm running throughout that's irresistible - even to me, as an 'outsider' when it comes to this type of music - for instance, the final song, "Guns", is built around the chant "GUNS ARE BETTER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE!!!". It's almost ridiculous, and they pull it off!

Out of the four songs, "Guns" stands as the highlight. This isn't just because of how ridiculously catchy the aforementioned chant is, but the musical assault being stirred underneath it with measured yet epic drum-work, thumping bass-lines and guitar players that know how to squeeze sounds out of their instrument that sound as though the guitar is having a mental-breakdown. It's them at their best, and their technical ability is breath-taking.

Ultimately, Big Business are a band that are hard to pin down into any pigeon-hole or stick with any label, and it's because of this that they should appeal to more than just your average rock/metal fanbase. Hell, I knew nothing of this band's existence until receiving "Quadruple Single", and it has left me eagerly awaiting my next Big Business fix.

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For The Fans of: Karp, Torche, The Melvins
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Release Date 26.07.2011
Gold Metal Records

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