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Eterno Treblinka

Written by: PP on 20/09/2011 06:40:06

Madrid, Spain's Looking For An Answer aren't a typical grindcore outfit in that they inject a ton of d-beat and death metal into their sound almost to a point where it becomes disputable whether the band play grindcore at all. Serpentine riffs and growling typical to death metal dominate the mix, but then the grinding starts and song lengths cut down to the usual one minute, one and a half minutes at the maximum, and the instrumentation focuses on bashing the shit out of the instruments instead of constructing actual riffs. Now, that approach has resulted into seminal works by Brutal Truth and Napalm Death among others, but since Looking For An Answer lean so much on death metal on their newest effort "Eterno Treblinka", one has to ask the question if it's really necessary to floor the pedal at predetermined moments in each song?

The good news is that LFAA certainly know what they are doing throughout the record. The guitars are kept nice and uniform throughout, where down-tuning is the name of the game together with indecipherable, but nicely brutal growling, both of which give the record its rollicking pace and enjoyably (old school) 'metal' flavor. The bad news is that its strength is also ultimately its biggest pitfall. The songs sound a little too alike even for a grindcore offering, with no standout tracks (like Brutal Truth or Pig Destroyer are able to slap one very release) and a lot of decent, but fairly unimpressive death metallic grind. This one's clearly written for the old school metal fans (read: 80s and early 90s) in mind, given the guitar tone and songwriting approach, but since there's so much to check out even in grindcore today, is there really a reason to stick with just a 'decent' release when you can easily get your hands on a brilliant one?


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Release date 06.07.2011

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