Sarah Jezebel Deva

The Corruption Of Mercy

Written by: PP on 09/09/2011 13:11:59

As many of you surely will know, Sarah Jezebel Deva used to be the backing vocalist in symphonic black metal outfit Cradle Of Filth. They aren't exactly a critic's favorite either, but in comparison to her uninspired solo project, Cradle Of Filth feels like a fucking art form. You see, she has since then switched extreme metal into dime-a-dozen gothic metal / symphonic metal mixture that's comparable to the likes of Imperia and, well, pretty much any other gothic metal outfit out there. The problem isn't necessarily that she plays gothic metal, but that her songs are only marginally better than is the standard in the genre, which is a problem when it is as saturated as it is.

"The Corruption Of Mercy" is the title of her new album, and it contains a couple of decent gothic / symphonic metal licks that impress the listener, including "No Paragon Of Virtue" and a couple of others that I cannot name because the track listing in my copy is not accurate. Few of them display her as a competent singer with a solid range, but unfortunately the instrumentation is too boring and standard for the gothic metal genre for it to make a real difference. It's a telling sign that her cover of "Zombie" (The Cranberries) is by-and-large the best track on the album. It's an interesting twist to the already dark song to hear it in Sarah's interpretation. That said, many songs have decidedly good melodies embedded that will reveal themselves after a couple of listens, though again I must stress, we're very, very far away from the masterpieces in this genre. Alas, check this record out only if you can't get enough of gothic metal bands. Otherwise, skip this and wait for the rare good releases in the genre.


Download: No Paragon Of Virtue
For the fans of: Angtoria, Imperia, generic gothic metal
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Release date 20.06.2011
Listenable Records

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