Death Valley Driver

Choke The River

Written by: PP on 06/09/2011 06:14:04

Those of you who prefer your metal served in the form of 50 kilo weights at the gym while simultaneously tearing apart the treadmill might find Death Valley Driver's new release "Choke The River" interesting. Not only does their vocalist sound like the kind of guy who knocks down a couple of whiskeys before even considering grabbing the mic, but their instrumental base is more masculine and muscular than the massive people I regularly run across at my local gym.

So as you might imagine, Death Valley Driver sound a great deal like Down, Orange Goblin, DevilDriver, etc, but they do so unapologetically. They couldn't give a flying fuck if their attitude and balls-driven metal isn't original, because by the time you've opened your mouth to complain, you're guaranteed to have a fist inside. That kind of confidence to your own music often results in good things, and it does so here as well. People have been even suggesting that Death Valley Driver give Down a run for their money at the southern sludge / groove metal genre, and I'm inclined to agree based on the evidence presented here. A solid, groovy effort that's more than happy to give you a good ass-kicking.


Download: Choke The River With Your Dead
For the fans of: Down, DevilDriver, The Sword, Orange Goblin
Listen: Myspace

Release date 04.05.2011
Diminished Fifth Records

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