Fairytale Of Perversion

Written by: PP on 06/09/2011 05:40:54

I don't know what they're putting into the water in Norway as of late, but quality metal acts seem to be blossoming left and right in all corners of the umbrella genre. They all have one thing in common: they are angry, brutal and powerful in their sound, no doubt influenced by the black metal culture that's so dominant over there, but they have a special kind of urgency and a strange element of catchyness that metal bands from elsewhere simply don't have. Kvelertak is one example, and here's another one: Exeloume and their new album "Fairytale Of Perversion".

I'll let the cat out of the bag straight away: Exeloume's album is no "Kvelertak". Yet it exhibits some of the same intrinsic qualities, such as a driving groove, and a wholly authentic and convincing vibe. It lands safely into the thrash metal genre with a bit of death metal as an added flavor, but isn't afraid to include lots and lots of catchy melody for good measure. It is here that the difference is made between Exeloume and the ultra-tight thrash revivalists, both of whom are referencing the same 80s era of thrash metal. Where the latter swears by re-creating the old sound as closely as possible while including a modern-sounding production, Exeloume proceeds to pummel, to slay, to write gripping riffs that sound organic, and flow dynamically thanks to a great deal of melody and solid songwriting all around.

The mix is completed by a very competent vocalist whose yells and growls are rock solid. He makes sure not to overdo his part to avoid making the album sound too brutal, leaving a good contrast between the high-speed melody onslaughts of the guitars and his gritty and raw, but easily accessible execution. Overall, it's rare these days to hear thrash metal performed in the way that Exeloume does it: full of relevancy and immediacy, and without forgetting that thrash metal can have melody as well.

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Release date 13.05.2011
ViciSolum Productions

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