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Written by: PP on 05/09/2011 21:57:32

Two indie-rock releases in the row that sound very similar, yet differ in their execution of the same idea. While the Ghost Heart record I just reviewed relied on peculiar percussion and prolonged wails for their mood-setting indie rock, Monoslang approach the dreamy setup through a little bit more bouncier and danceable songs, though still very obviously referencing Portugal. The Man in many places through a 'dream pop' platform that also owes a lot to Radiohead. Their four track release "Greener" EP is their first one as far as I can tell, which is probably also why the sound isn't fully formed and uniform just yet.

Lets take the opening track "Reckless Sex" as an example. Its combination of bass-lines and light guitars gives the song that danceable and a slightly bouncy feel which I mentioned before, though still keeping their dreamy indie rock sound intact. It's also the catchiest track on the EP, and the one that sounds most like Portugal. The Man. "The Gun" follows next with a stronger and a little heavier expression instrumentally: the guitars have a ringing sound to them, are louder and more distorted, but the vocals are still Radiohead-esque throughout. Then you have some light math rock-ish guitars on the all-instrumental "74", that also draw my thoughts towards the second Foals record "Total Life Forever", before "Ox And The Calf" finishes things off with a sound that takes a little bit from all three styles presented on the record. This to me suggests that Monoslang are still experimenting on exactly which direction they are to take as a band, and that's fine, considering it is their debut EP. As it stands versus contemporary releases, however, "Greener" EP is very much a work-in-progress, a record with a strong demo vibe to it, and thus it's difficult to grade it much higher than average for the time being.

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For the fans of: Portugal. The Man, Grizzly Bear, Radiohead, Foals
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Release date 01.04.2011

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