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As usual, the musical collective approaching genius known as Bomb The Music Industry! have released their newest album "Vacation" free-of-charge through their nonprofit record label Quote Unquote Records. It's the sixth of its kind from the band and picks off nicely where last year's "Adults!!!: Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing!!!!!!! EP left off. It's also yet another quintessential BTMI! release because it continues the same unique and inimitable melodic chaos that borderlines insanity as in the past. Ska, hardcore, punk, and pop punk all get visited throughout the album in equal terms, sometimes all at the same time. Sonically speaking, that translates to poppy gang-shouts whilst ska-like guitars storm at breakneck speeds, and all the while all sorts of random instruments make entrances and escapades in the mix.

Here I'm talking stuff like glockenspiel, synthesizer, trombone, saxophone, programmed samples, banjos, farfisa organs, contrabass, pedal steel (!?), mandolin, tannerin, cello, vibraphone, and harmonica aside from the usual instruments. Are you starting to feel what I meant by melodic chaos? Granted, sometimes it all ends up in a distorted mess that's barely acceptable as a song ("Sponge Board / Baby Waves"), but elsewhere it's so succesful in its structure and seamless inclusion of the various instruments that it leads into climactic moments and soaring melodies to the extent that calling it a glorious celebration of anthemic musical perfection isn't too far off. See "The Shit That You Hate" as an example.

Luckily, "Vacation" isn't just about chaos and more chaos. Songs like " Vocal Coach" and "Hurricane Waves" have playful little melodies that are driven home by fun and enjoyable guitar riffing that almost stretches into soloing at times. Here, the vocal melodies reach far into pop as well, creating accessible and easily likable choruses that should work as a good introduction to the band for strangers.

Overall though, "Vacation" still feels more like an exercise in what is possible in punk/ska music than an all-around solid album. If you ask me, the band hasn't come close to replicating their career masterpiece "Scrambles" from 2009 either before or after its release. You can argue that "Vacation" comes the closest, but it's still missing the leading songs that would elevate the album to a higher level.


Download: Vocal Coach, The Shit That You Hate, Hurricane Waves
For the fans of: Streetlight Manifesto, The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches, old Against Me!
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Release date 26.07.2011
Quote Unquote Records

Bomb The Music Industry! - Felt Just Like Vacation by SettledDown043

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