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An Evening With The Clippers EP

Written by: TL on 22/08/2011 23:42:02

The Clippers are a duo from the US, whose debut EP "An Evening With The Clippers" was released already in December of last year, and who strangely have seemingly no online presence whatsoever. No facebook, no myspace, no nothing, or at least I have not been able to find any. Here's to hoping that changes though, because the band deserves as much, judging from the quite intriguing sound portrayed on this EP.

Basically these two dudes take the style of quirky, fast-paced, math-punk riffs that you may have heard from a variety of American underground bands lately, and deploy them in much cleaner setting than we're used to, providing them with clean, indie-type vocals, reminiscent of those of The Strokes, Maximo Park and Franz Ferdinand. Much like with Franz Ferdinand and their fellow Brits Foals, The Clippers' songs are quite bouncy and playful in structure, the effect is that as a listener, you know right off the bat that you're going to have a fun time listening to the EP.

When that's been said though, it also must be mentioned that The Clippers have to cook up some better hooks if they hope to get bigger, because even after having heard the record some four or five times today alone, I have a hard time latching onto anything in the songs that I can see myself coming back for at a later time. The curious guitar signatures and up-beat song structures serve to catch your attention good and well, but they don't seem strong enough to be the kind that you'll find yourself whistling them for days after listening to them.

It's a strange thing, loving the sound of a band, yet still not clicking with the songs, but it's an odd reality that one actually has to face often when writing reviews. If hard pressed, I guess I'd say check out "Wildflower", but really I'd rather just tell you to give the EP a listen if you're into fast indie-rock with intricate guitar melodies. Chances are you'll think like me, namely that "An Evening With.." is a good starting point for The Clippers, and one that says that it's worth looking out for how they'll develop further on.


Download: Wildflower
For The Fans Of: Foals, Maximo Park, Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, Scream Hello!

Release Date 03.12.2010
Top Shelf Records

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