3daybinge (Reissue)

Written by: PP on 21/08/2011 20:30:49

It's been a while since I've last reviewed a straight-up punk rock record by a little known band, so here's one I discovered by accident, the self-titled album from Winnipeg, Canada's 3daybinge, because it was being released by Bells On Records, which counts other awesome artists like Hogwash in its roster. By the time I figured out this was a re-issue of an original release all the way back from 2003 it was too late, so here's the review of a record I found all kinds of awesome: it's fast, it has a nice late 90s melodic ring to its guitars, and good, catchy songwriting all around, presumably why it's getting a wider release today.

Though the vocals need some time in getting used to because of the way in which they are spit out, any fan of older records by bands like Strung Out, Snuff and 88 Fingers Louie will find lots to like here. The guitars, for instance, are like straight from Strung Out's most melodic album, the enigmatic "Teenage Suburban Wasteland Blues", given their melodic ring and a slightly technical orientation. Especially "Strength Survives" should draw your attention to that album straight away. Otherwise, 3daybinge dabble somewhere between melodic hardcore and skate punk, spiced with smoky vocals and strong chorus melodies that never pushed the band into national success, but ones that definitely should've made an impact 'back in the day' given how easily accessible and memorable they are.

The other thing that's awesome about 3daybinge is their heavy integration of the bass-guitar to the mix. They've placed it right on top of the mix allowing it to contest for airtime evenly with the guitars by providing a thick, vibrant sound, adding character and an element of playfulness to their otherwise semi-aggressive punk rock sound. Many of the best songs in punk rock begin and end with a unique bass-line that doesn't just slavishly follow the guitars but has an equal part in contributing to their sound, and that's something 3daybinge achieve successfully throughout this record. I won't keep you longer, and will just finish with this: if you're into older Strung Out and especially Snuff, there's no way this wouldn't be right up your alley.

Download: Call To Arms, Strength Survives, Howard
For the fans of: old Strung Out, 88 Fingers Louie, Snuff
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Release date 30.04.2011 (originally in 2003)
Bells On

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